hello, i'm alexia

I think what I love most about photographing weddings is creating art from people's most cherished memories, art with meaning and a story. My hope is that my couples look back on their photos not only on the good days, but during the hard times too. When marriage is tough and they forget why they started the journey. I hope the way they looked at each other, the spark of their connection and the joy of the day comes flooding back, when they see their images and they remember all over again why it's worth it. 

"photography is transporting a fleeting moment into the future and getting to hold onto it forever."

photographer | equestrian | BAKER | true crime junkie 

My talent for easily connecting with people and helping them to feel comfortable has become a defining aspect of my work. To help create and capture authentic connection you first have to recognize it and then cultivate it, which I have worked hard to master.

 The ability to love is something that sets us apart. It teaches and pushes us more than anything else. I unashamedly relish all things romantic. Not the surface level, cheesy stuff, the raw, the real, the painfully vulnerable love that changes you as a person. You know the kind I mean, you have it! And I am truly honored when I have the privilege of witnessing and documenting it.

- alexia

a little more personal

favorite mentor:

My mom. She has impeccable taste and a keen, professional editorial eye. She's also taught me what a strong, compassionate woman looks like. 

a little more personal

key qualities:

I'm most described as passionate, honest, vulnerable, outgoing, funny and assertive. 

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most likely to:

Be found eating - cake if possible. I also enjoy a good movie night or occasional book.

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favorite quote:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." - Nelson Mandela 1994 inaugural speech. Can the whole speech be my favorite quote?

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traveled to:

Almost all 50 states as well as Canada and France. Next on my wish list is Ireland and New Zealand. All the world is beautiful, but I'm partial to lush, green places.

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favorite artist:

Camille Pissarro, but it's a close tie between him and Claude Monet. My work is heavily inspired by Impressionist paintings.

a little more personal

Secret to life:

No, it's not butter - although I do love to bake. It's actually love. Love is real-life magic and when sincerely practiced can bring about miracles.