ten tips for magazine worhty images

spring of 2020

You might think the outcome of the photos lies entirely in the hands of the photographer but there are actually elements you control that make a big difference in the end result of your photos. Read on to learn what you can do to ensure your wedding photos turn out better than you dreamed.

1. Be mindful of your vendor team. I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire vendors who are quality artists, can understand and execute your vision and have a similar vibe to the other vendors you want to hire. Every element you hire out is a focal point that will make a big statement in your overall wedding story and therefore photos. This is why working with a high quality wedding planner is preferred because they have created good relationships with many vendors and can help you accomplish a perfectly curated team to deliver your design dreams. If a planner isn’t the way you want to go there are three things I would suggest looking for when choosing a vendor: Artesian level craftsmanship, multiple examples of what you want executed and a professional personality.

2. Know where to spend and where to save: The details that make the most impact in your photos will be the venue, florals, table setting and of course your dress. I would suggest setting aside more money for those areas. Secondary to those are the hair and makeup, cake, stationary, and details like shoes and such which of course still need to be carefully chosen but you can afford to save here if you need to. If you can afford to splurge on them all, go for it! However, if you can’t it helps to know which elements carry the most weight in your photographs.

3. Consider light and surrounding structures when planning: I saw a wedding photo once where the couple had the ceremony under a slatted pergola at mid-day so therefore harsh black shadows on their faces ended up being the focal point of the image. Make sure to keep light and where shadows will be in mind when planning timing of your events. Ideally you want something with as even light as possible, whether it’s in full sun or shade, as long as it’s even you’re good to go.

4. Choose the right venue: I already mentioned the venue was important but it really deserves it’s own line. The venue is the backdrop of almost every image of your wedding day. It sets the feeling and vibe of your day and can either add or take away from your overall story. I highly recommend a venue with a neutral color palette and classic details. You can check out my favorite venues here.

5. It’s all in the details: These are items that shouldn’t be overlooked and should be beautifully styled and documented. Have all your details like jewelry, special keepsakes, your vows and your invitation suite in a box ready for your photographer when they arrive. That way everything can be ready to photograph while you are getting ready.

6. Require an electronics free ceremony: It’s honestly a gift to you and your guests to go unplugged for the nuptials. They are more present and emotionally attentive and you will receive images free of people holding up phones, which can really ruin the whole look.

7. Don’t be afraid to be unique: This is where you can really set apart your wedding and celebrate being you! Does the groom love vintage cars? Consider a classic get a car instead of a limo. Look for different and fun ways to design the seating chart or maybe try a fun send off like an arch of people popping Champaign or throwing rose petals. How can you incorporate your wedding or personality into the invitation suite? Maybe you can have special gifts you exchange or even ride into the ceremony on a motorcycle if that’s your thing. The important thing is to be creative and do it tastefully and you’ll knock it out of the park.

8. Don’t underestimate going black tie: How suave would James Bond be without his black tie suite? Style is so important and there is nothing more classy and magazine worthy than a formal, black tie wedding. It is most defiantly the most special occasion in your life and therefore should be treated as such.

9. Hire an amazing photographer: Being a wedding photographer myself I can tell you what a huge difference it makes to have someone who knows what their doing capturing all your hard work and planning. Make sure who ever you hire knows how to work with all different kinds of lighting, delivers consistent, quality photos and in the style you think is beautiful and will highlight all the details of your wedding and most importantly your connection as a couple.

10. When all is done, forget everything: The best thing you can do on your wedding day is forget all the planning, stress and schedules and actually enjoy yourself! Spend your energy being soaked in your partner's love and the special moments of the day. It will show in your photos and guarantee you magazine worthy images.