- edward walker 

"the world moves for love. it kneels before it in awe"

I focus on artistic posing, framing distinct details, capturing candid memories, and highlighting everything from your guest’s interactions, to cake in the face, to the grand exit in the most beautiful and intentional way possible.

I use light, connection, sense of place, architecture and depth to tell your story in the best visual way so you can look back on your images, even years from now, and feel the emotions rushing back. Through carefully honed skills I’m able to take even the most camera-shy couple from basic smile-at-me pictures to a meaningful, emotion filled image that is authentically guided and intentionally captured.


"Her photography and editing gives you a fantastic piece of artwork that is the best representation of you and your loved ones."



- reyna w.

Wedding coverage is custom catered to each client. I only accept a limited number of weddings per year to insure the highest quality service and product. 

Just the two of you in an epic location sharing your connection so it can be remembered. Engagements are the perfect way to start your wedding story.


The best way to immortalize the people most important to you. Life is full of moments for you to cherish, let's make them unforgettable through one of a kind images.





what's your photography style?

how long do i have to wait?

what do you wear?

do you edit every photo i receive?

how do you know all the shots i want?

what's your working style?

how many images will i receive?

how do you handle new venues?

do you have PREFERRED vendors?

My images are authentic, romantic and dreamy, with a fine art flair and colors and textures that mirror the moment. I love capturing the joy in candid shots as well as lightly posed and formal family portraits.

Yes! Every photo you receive will be edited for color corrections, white balance and removal of any distracting elements that take away from the image. This is all included in my price. To see my full pricing information please contact me for a pricing booklet.

You can expect between 70-80 photos per hour I spend shooting your wedding. For
engagement and bridal sessions you can expect at least 50 photos. Your final package will include all the best images; test shots, duplicates and blinks will be edited out.

Turnaround time from shoot to the final package is one of the fastest available, with delivery no later than six weeks from the wedding, but it’s often sooner. Don't let that fool you into thinking I just cruise through the editing process. I painstakingly edit every single photo in your album myself.

I understand it's important to look professional as well as blend in nicely. I usually wear a dressy black jumpsuit or knee length dress with black close toed shoes. 

After your booking is confirmed, you will receive a list detailing groupings and customary shots to consider and a form to request any additional shots you might like. As the wedding gets closer, I create a finalized checklist of shots for your approval. This is what I will bring with me on the wedding day to make sure I don’t miss a shot!

You never need to worry if by chance I haven’t shot a wedding at your venue. I make it a point to familiarize myself with every location beforehand by walking around the
property to find the best photo spots. This also gives me a chance to make alternative
plans in case of changing weather.

I try to stay out of the bride and grooms way and take more photojournalistic shots during the reception, ceremony and in between events. However, I take respectful command during the family formals to make sure I don't miss any groupings and that they get done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Yes! Once your booking is confirmed I will send over my master list of Utah's top vendors that I am proud to work with. Some even have special discounts from being referred by me!